Todd Betanzos

Todd Betanzos is a full-time trial consultant and mediator. Before leaving the practice of law, Todd spent 17 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of litigation matters throughout Texas and the United States. His diverse practice involved matters such as complex commercial disputes, professional liability claims, insurance coverage, and bad faith, construction disputes, products, and premises liability, employment disputes, and transportation litigation. Within Texas, Todd appeared in matters venued in numerous federal district courts and in state district courts in approximately 40 different counties. Outside of Texas, he represented litigants in matters filed in 13 different states. As a mediator, Todd combines his unique experience, insight, and skills as a trial consultant and former trial attorney to assist litigants to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their cases, to evaluate their best alternatives to a negotiated resolution, and to work together toward a mutually acceptable resolution of their disputes. Todd is a hard-working and proactive intermediary who involves himself in the parties’ negotiations from retention through resolution. Todd received a B.A. from the University of Arizona (1993) and a J.D. from the Southern Methodist University School of Law (1997).

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+ Complex Commercial Litigation
+ Professional Liability
+ Insurance Coverage & Extra-Contractual Liability
+ Wrongful Death & Catastrophic Personal Injury
+ Labor and Employment